Supplier Audit


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Course Outcome

After completion of the course, the reader should have an overview of the fundamentals of auditing with a focus on supplier audits. The context of the course will be to introduce the reader on various topics that are relevant to auditing (processes, mechanics and procedures). After completion of the course, the reader should be aware of standard terms and definitions that are relevant to supplier auditing.

Why Learn about Supplier Audit?

As a company’s supply chain grows, so too does its risk. With every new supplier comes the threat of poor performance.  Without proper oversight, the quality of supplied parts and components can slip through the cracks. A supplier audit is an effective way to examine the quality of a particular supplier and the risk it presents to the organization before it becomes a problem. Companies can improve their overall quality by ensuring their supplier’s product quality and delivery standards remain high – something a supplier audit seeks to establish.[5]


  1. Introduction to Supplier Audit
  2. Supplier Audit Mechanics
  3. Supplier Audit Maintaining Information