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Staking, Bonding, and Conformal Coating
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Protective Coating Of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, And Aluminum On Launch Structures, Facilities, And Ground Support Equipment NASA-STD-5008
Standard For JSC Lead-Free Control Plans (LFCP) JSC-66491
Relief Devices – Inspection and Recertification SSTD-8070-0097-TEST
HVAC & Domestic Hot Water Design SSTD-8070-0084-EMCS
Annex To NASA-STD-8719.24, NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements: Requirements Table NASA-STD-8719.24-ANNEX
Lighting Design, Operation, and Maintenance Standard for Energy Conservation SSTD-8070-0085-EMCS
Machine Shop Tolerances SSTD-8070-0098-SHOP
Applying Data Matrix Identification Symbols On Aerospace Parts (Superseding NASA-STD-6002C) NASA-STD-6002
Design, Installation and Maintenance of Sitewide Natural gas distribution System SSTD-8070-0092-FLUIDS
Stainless Steel Vent Pipe “Z” SSTD-8070-0128-PIPE
Component Servicing Documentation SSTD-8070-0006-CONFIG
Standard Specification For Electrodeposited Coatings Of Silver For Engineering Use
Bourdon Tube Pressure and Vacuum Gauges for use in Facility Piping or Tubing Systems SSTD-8070-0094-COMPNTS
Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coating for Zinc Nickel Alloy Deposit ASTM B841
Facility Grounding And Lightning Protection, Standard For (Title Changed From Bonding And Grounding, Standard For, By Revision D, 6/7/2000) KSC-STD-E-0012
Fracture Control Requirements For Spaceflight Hardware (Superseding NASA-STD-(I)-5019 (INTERIM) And NASA-STD-5007) NASA-STD-5019
Electrical Bonding For NASA Launch Vehicles, Spacecraft, Payloads, And Flight Equipment NASA-STD-4003
Adhesive Bonding Process And Inspection, Requirements For MSFC-SPEC-445
Controls and Instrumentation Cable Testing Standard SSTD-8070-0096-TEST