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Course Outcome

Soldering is one of the most common fabrication processes used in the development of academic payloads for space.  The course will provide the reader with an overview of soldering. The context of the course will be to introduce and educate the reader on the subject while discussing points of interest, techniques, and soldering issues. This course is not intended to be a comprehensive training module as soldering techniques vary based on the application. Applicable standards should always be referenced. 

Why Learn about Soldering?

The advancement of technology means that electronics play a part in many areas of life, both inside and outside the home. From computers and televisions to vehicles and mobile phones, there are many examples of equipment that can demonstrate where the benefit of soldering training is experienced. With no sign of the advancement of computers abating, it is no surprise that learning how to code is promoted as a skill that school children should learn. However, the ability to code will become useless if the hardware does not work properly. This is where the importance of soldering comes in as it plays a major part in ensuring that technology works as it should. Soldering does not require any particular skill. You can learn to solder electronic components, plumbing, and jewelry with easy-to-follow instructions found on our course. Whether you are new to electronics or you want to update your skills, undertaking soldering training will help you.  


  1. Introduction to Soldering
  2. Soldering Materials & QA
  3. Soldering Training Program