Personal Warranty in Inspection Control

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A key aspect of Inspection Control procedures is having qualified personnel involved in signing the status of a part or a test. Personal warranty can be defined as:

“An inspector or operator who signifies the status of an inspection or test by stamping the part and/or associated paperwork and is qualified to determine that status and personally saw or performed the work as stated in the build record.”

The existence of a stamp is an indication that correct actions were performed to meet requirements. As part of the inspection procedures, management should provide authority to qualified personnel to stop production and reject work if it is not acceptable.

Integrity and competence are the most important qualities in an Inspection Control System. Remember: “A stamp is a pledge given by a responsible individual who guarantees that he or she performed or witnessed a particular step in the build process.” In other words, “A stamp, electronic or physical, must be a professional, individual guarantee that the operator or inspector personally saw or performed the work, inspection, or test literally as stated in the build record.”

Today most organizations have procedures and training programs and procedures for those operators or inspectors who are issued stamps. The organization must safeguard that only the qualified personnel with the correct authorizations and certifications are allowed to apply stamps or make stamp data entries, and also that they maintain control of their assigned stamps.