Outgassing Test For Materials Associated With Sensitive Surfaces Used In An Ambient Environment

This specification covers the control of materials used in air volumes of controlled environments.These environments may be clean rooms, environmental chambers, or shipping containers. Thisdocument establishes requirements and defines test methods to evaluate these materials. Thistest method is primarily a material screening technique and is not necessarily valid forcomputing actual contamination on a system or component. The use of materials deemedacceptable in accordance with this test method does not ensure the system or component willremain uncontaminated. Contributing factors not addressed in this test which should beconsidered include quantity of material used, line-of-sight to sensitive surfaces, and hardwareexposure environments, e.g. process cleanliness, ect. Therefore, subsequent functional,developmental, and qualification tests should be used as necessary to ensure material’ssatisfactory performance. The purpose of this specification is to present the specification for materials that are used inambient environment at temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius (C) or less and associated withcontamination sensitive surfaces. These surfaces may include but are not limited to optics,windows, thermal “control” or “protective” surfaces.

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Friday, June 29, 2007
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