Standard Test Method For Evaluating Triboelectric Charge Generation And Decay

This method describes the triboelectric test device used at KSC for electrostatic evaluation of non-conducting materials, including sample preparation and preconditioning, test procedure, and calibration requirements. This method is intended for testing thin plastic films, foams, tapes, cloth fabrics, solid surfaces up to 0.5 inch thick, and surface coatings such as paint or anti-static coatings applied to thin solid samples. Attention has been given to the problem of static electricity because of its ability to damage or destroy certain semiconductor devices, unexpectedly initiate ordnance devices, ignite explosive atmospheres, and surprise workers doing critical jobs causing undesirable consequences and potential injuries. These hazards associated with electrostatic discharge (ESD) are a continuing safety and financial concern to the scientific, aerospace, and industrial communities. Thin materials such as plastic films, foams, and tapes are some of the materials most likely to develop damaging static charge buildup.

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Friday, November 7, 2008