Applying Data Matrix Identification Symbols On Aerospace Parts (Superseding NASA-STD-6002C)

This standard and its related handbook, NASA-HDBK-6003, Application of Data Matrix Identification Symbols to Aerospace Parts Using Direct Part Marking Methods/Techniques (DPM), were developed to provide NASA and its contractors with instructions to safely apply Data Matrix identification symbols to aerospace parts using these new DPM methods and techniques. Both the standard and the handbook were created by representatives from the major automatic identification and data capture (AI/DC) manufacturers, Government, and aerospace user groups under a collaborative agreement with NASA. Overall program/project requirements related to the use of the Data Matrix symbol include symbol criteria, marking method selection, marking surface preparation, marking location, protective coatings, marking environments, and mark-quality verification standards. This document does not specifically address the marking of human-readable characters or temporary part identification markings (bands, labels, or tags).

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Friday, June 20, 2008