Annex To NASA-STD-8719.24, NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements: Requirements Table

The objective of this publication is to establish and enforce NASA ELV payload project requirements to ensure the safety of the public, launch area, payload processing facility, and launch complex personnel and resources and to ensure that all aspects of prelaunch and launch operations adhere to applicable public laws. These safety requirements safeguard people and resources (including flight hardware, ground support equipment (GSE) and facilities) from hazards associated with payloads that will fly on unmanned Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELVs) (i.e. ELV payloads), including hazards associated with payload related GSE. This document is a baseline and shall be tailored for each NASA payload project (mission). The contents of this publication are to be used in conjunction with NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 8715.7, Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Program by the payload project to develop and process their payloads safely throughout the project’s life cycle.

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Monday, August 29, 2011