Bonding, Grounding, Shielding, Electromagnetic Interference, Lightning And Transient Protection, Design Requirements For Ground Systems

This standard provides design and testing requirements for bonding, grounding, shielding, electromagnetic interference (EMI), lightning protection, electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, transient protection, and surge suppression for electrical and electronic ground systems (GS) to be used at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). It governs both fixed and portable GS consisting of ground support equipment (GSE), ground support systems (GSS), and operational communications systems that are used in processing, launch, landing, and retrieval sites. This GS standard further defines requirements in KSC-DE-512-SM, Facility Systems, Ground Support Systems and Ground Support Equipment General Design Requirements, KSC-E-165, Electrical Ground Support Equipment Fabrication, Specification for, KSC-E-166, Installation and Assembly, Electrical Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Specification for, and KSC-GP-864, Vol. IIA, Electrical Ground Support Equipment Cable Handbook.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013