Standard For Foreign Object Debris/Foreign Object Damage Prevention

This standard establishes general practices and standard terms for the prevention of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) to Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) products, which include flight hardware and associated test hardware, facilities, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), and related components for MSFC-managed projects/programs. This standard is prepared by MSFC for its internal use and that of contractors. This document is derived from National Aerospace Standard NAS-412, Foreign Object Damage/Foreign Debris (FOD) Prevention, as required by NASA-STD-6016, Standard Manned Spacecraft Requirements for Materials and Processes. NASA-STD-6016 requires that a FOD prevention program be established for all ground operations of mechanical and electrical systems of flight hardware, including the design, development, manufacturing, assembly, repair, processing, testing, maintenance, operation, and check out of the equipment to ensure the highest practical level of cleanliness. This document also addresses the protection of hardware identified as susceptible to impact damage that requires an Impact Damage Protection Plan to mitigate risk in accordance with MSFC-RQMT-3479, Fracture Control Requirements for Composite and Bonded Vehicle and Payload Structures.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010
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