Design Product Packages For Launch Vehicle Integration

This document applies to launch vehicle design integration and to the elements (stages and/or Ground Systems) comprising the Integrated Launch System and Flight Vehicle. It is applicable to the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Products and the associated data. This data is used to define launch vehicle design integration with the elements (stages and/or Ground Systems) comprising an Integrated Launch System and Flight Vehicle. This document provides guidance to the participating design organizations in the preparation of Design Product Packages so that only the required/pertinent design information is conveyed. Doing so allows rapid and accurate integration of the design, minimizes the unnecessary and burdensome overhead associated with transferring and/or translating extremely large CAD datasets, and facilitates the “cleanest”, most practical management of the configuration. Furthermore, this document describes many of the customer/client relationships involved in the physical and analytical integration of the launch system. This allows for greater insight regarding the Design Product Package requirements, better comprehension of system integration and flight performance analysis, improves communication across disciplines and organizations, and provides illustration of the techniques used to improve system design efficiency and design cycle time (at a vehicle or stage level).

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011
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