The AAQ (Academy of Aerospace Quality) serves as an internet based forum for providing quality assurance training to academics (or academic institutions) and commercial space service providers involved in aerospace research, technology development, and payload design and development. The AAQ curriculum includes modules for all aspects of quality assurance necessary to ensure project success and provides a virtual community for networking and sharing of lessons-learned among like-minded scholars.

Dr. Alice E. Smith and Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith are the principal investigators from Auburn and Brian Hughitt (NASA Headquarters) and directs the project from NASA.

How to use this Site

The Academy of Aerospace Quality is built around a curriculum. You can see a diagram of this curriculum on the AAQ main page. The available curriculum items can be accessed on the left hand menu. When you click on one of these items, you will be taken to the main page for that topic. The main page lists all the materials that are related to that specific topic. For each topic, there is a training module, quizzes and multimedia materials.

Training modules seek to introduce the visitor to the selected topic. They are structured in the form of a lesson that the visitor can read through in order to become familiar with the topic. They contain information, examples, figures and exercises that will guide the visitor through the learning process.

Quizzes are intended to test the visitor's knowledge of the topic. They can be accessed through the topic main page or throughout the training module. They are composed of multiple choice and true or false questions. Some training modules contain additional exercises that the user is asked to solve and, once finished, will display the correct results.

Multimedia materials include videos and presentations on each topic.

Besides the left hand menu, there is the upper menu. This menu allows visitors to navigate back to the Curriculum list and to the main page. It also contains links to the Events page, where users can learn more about the Events in which AAQ is involved. The About page contains information about this site and how to use it.