2017 Workshop Presentations and Posters


Welcome and Introduction to NASA AAQ
Alice Smith, Auburn University

Opening Address: Space Launch System, A New Capability for Discovery
Steve Creech, Manager of the Space Launch System Payload Integration and Evolution Office, NASA MSFC

Aerospace Quality - What does the Future Hold?
Luke Becker, Johns Hopkins University

Six Sigma Launches into Space
Janet Sanders, East Carolina University

Calibrating Success
David Hermreck, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The Right Stuff - Space Camp
Lisa Nyers, ETHOS Science Center

CubedOS with Spiral Thrusting
Carl Brandon, Vermont Technical College

ESD Verification of CubeSats Before Flight - Mini Tutorial
Bob Vermillion, RMV Technology Group

Challenges Related to CubeSat Operations in Deep Space
Bill Shaw, Miles Space Inc.

Alternate Materials for Micro Shutter Assembly Mechanism Rollers
Iqbal Shareef, Bradley University

Exploring Mixed Reality for Developing Intercultural Team Skills: Implications for Space Exploration Teams
Mesut Akdere, Purdue University

Managing Risk on a CubeSat Program Across Multiple Collaborators
Jonathan Black, Virginia Tech

Integrating an Open Source CubeSat
Sandy Antunes, Capitol Technology University


  1. Yttrium Oxide-Based Coatings for Defense and Space Applications, Jafar Al-Sharab, Northwestern State University.
  2. Big Data Processing Tool for Aerial Imagery by Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Delivery to End Users in Precision Agriculture, Ganesh Bora, Mississippi State University
  3. Remote Sensing STEM Programs, Satellite Week Space Camp, and Small Sat Development in Western North Carolina, DeWayne Cecil, Sustainable Earth Observation Systems, LLC
  4. Designing a Tuned On Orbit CubeSat Cluster, Paul Darby, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  5. Effects of Swirl on the Performance of Conical Diffusers - Applications in Engine Combustion Efficiency Studies, Theodore Grosch, Florian Misoc and Cyril Okhio, Kennesaw State University
  6. Developing a Novel Space Radiation Payload for the CAPE-3 CubeSat, William Hollerman, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  7. Student Built Prototype Ground Station, Mark Horvath and Alec Johnson, Capitol Technology University
  8. SPOON Site, Charlene Jacka, Air Force Research Lab
  9. UAV Technology: Applications and Challenges for Standards Development, Ahmed Khan, DeVry University
  10. Mitigating Risks Inherent to Student-Developed Small Satellite Missions at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Matt Klosterman and Shannah Withrow, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  11. Design for Reliability, Jenab Kouroush, Morehead State University
  12. Real-time, Full-scale Test Environment for Low-Earth Orbit Plasma Simulations, Jesse McTernan, NASA USRA
  13. An Overview of Payload Quality Assurance Strategies in HERON Mk. II, Avinash Mukkala, University of Toronto
  14. Rapid Project Development, Christopher Murray and Robert Smith, Capitol Technology University
  15. A Cubesat Communication System Development for GTO Mission, Ashiqur Rahman, Michael L. Everett, Ahsan R. Choudhuri and Bill Tseng, University of Texas at El Paso
  16. Towards Safer and More Stable Rocket Launches!, Tharikaa Ramesh Kumar, Auburn University
  17. NEUDOSE: A CubeSat Mission for Dosimetry of Charged and Neutral Particles in Low Earth Orbit, Ryan Scott, McMaster University
  18. Crawl, Walk, Run, Ryan Shrenk, Capitol Technology University
  19. The Automatic Flagger System, Antonio Soares, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
  20. Fiber Optic Gyro-Based Attitude Control System for Autonomous Target Tracking, Elias Solorzano, University of Toronto
  21. Gravity Off-load Testing of Origami-inspired 1-meter Deployable Cubesat Reflectarray, Brian Trease, University of Toledo
  22. Air Sled Solid Models, James Wronecki, East Tennessee State University