2016 AAQ Workshop Presentations and Posters

Keynote Address: Importance of Quality
Herb Shivers, NASA Marshall Flight Center (retired)

Introduction to the NASA Academy of Aerospace Quality (AAQ)
Jeff Smith, Auburn University

CubeSats and Mission Assurance
Doug Sheldon, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

SLS Human Radiation Analysis Paper


Quality Assurance for CubeSat Mission
Anh Ho, Textron Systems
UL Lafayette's LACCE CubeSat
Paul Darby, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Eclipse from the Edge of Space
Luther Richardson, Columbus High School
Getting to Mars
Craig MacArthur, NASA Marshall Flight Center

Poster presentations

1. TRYAD Project: Quality Through Continuous Testing, James Alex, Auburn University
2. Crystal Growth of Y2O3 Under Harsh Environments, Jafar Alsharab, Northwestern State University
3. UAV-based Approach to Predict and Monitor Landslide Events in Washington State, Sura Al-Qudah, Western Washington University
4. Full-Scale Quality Assurance Testing of Small Spacecraft in Ground-Based Vacuum Facilities, Sven Bilen, Penn State
5. Big-Data Analysis and Collection from Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Ganesh Bora, Mississippi State University
6. CubeSat Engineering, Processes for Quality Assurance, Paul Darby, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
7. An Overview of the Active Luminescence for X-Ray Emission Detection Instrument, Jared Fuchs, University of Alabama Huntsville
8. CACTUS-1 Hermes Quality Assurance, Carl Hansen, Capitol Technology University
9. Effect of Heart Rate Variability in Astronauts Using Spectral Analysis in Space Flights, Ahmed Kamal, Tennessee Tech University
10. Statistical Modeling for Spatio-Temporal Degradation Data, Xiao Liu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
11. KRUPS: Design Integration and Overview, Chris Meek, University of Kentucky
12. Tribology of James Webb Space Telescope's NIRSpec Micro Shutter Assembly Mechanism, Iqbal Shareef, Bradley University.
13. Ensure Quality Compliance Throughout the Product Lifecycle, Courtney Stadd, TIP Technologies

CubeSats Require ESD Handling Protocols for Launch and Space Survivability Mini-Tutorial
Robert Vermillion, RMV Technology Group, NASA Ames Research Center
Radiation Reliability for CubeSat Experiments
Rebekah Austin, Vanderbilt University
Radiation Standards for Satellites
Craig Kief, COSMIAC, University of New Mexico
The Use of SPARK/Ada in a Complex Spacecraft
Carl Brandon, Vermont Technical College