2015 AAQ Workshop Presentations and Posters

Introduction to AAQ
Alice Smith, Auburn University

Keynote Address
Steve Cash, NASA

Poster presentations

1. Use of UAV in Precision Agriculture, Ganesh Bora, North Dakota State University
2. Teaching Additive Manufacturing through an Interactive Virtual Reality-based Graphics Framework, Magesh Chandramouli, Purdue University – Calumet and Simon Lui, Singapore University of Technology & Design
3. Software Quality Assurance Planning for the CAPE 3 CubeSat Mission, Paul Darby, University of Louisiana – Lafayette
4. Mechanical Design of Coronagraph CubeSat, Akbar Eslami, Elizabeth City State University
5. HERMES Rocksat-X Flight and QA Testing, Carl Hansen and Anh Ho, Capitol Technology University
6. Developing Low Cost Payloads for Balloons and Suborbital Rockets, Andy Hollerman, University of Lafayette Louisiana
7. TwilightSat: A New Concept for Optical Satellite Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Aerosols, Hans Moosmuller, Desert Research Institute
8. Trapping of Space Debris using Aerogel, Alexander Petrov, Capitol Technology University
9. Tribology of James Webb Space Telescope, Iqbal Shareef, Bradley University
10. A Study of the Community’s Standard Systems Engineering Activities – Preliminary Results, Bungo Shiotani, University of Florida
11. Using Cubesat to Train Aerospace Engineering Workforce at a Minority Institution, Hien Vo, Universidad del Turabo

Quality Assurance Lessons Learned from 15 Years in the University Nanosat Program
Amanda Pietruszewski, Air Force Research Laboratory
Hi Integrity Software for CubeSats
Carl Brandon, Vermont Technical College
Quality Concerns in 3D Printing CubeSats
Craig Kief, University of New Mexico
Additive Manufacturing and Quality Assurance Mini-tutorial
Andres Carrano, Auburn University
Quality Assurance via Successive HAB Flights
Alex Antunes, Capitol Technology University
CubeSat Parts Lists and Supply Chain Presentation
Kathryn Beckwith, Jet Propulsion Laboratory