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Mechanical Parts
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Bourdon Tube Pressure and Vacuum Gauges for use in Facility Piping or Tubing Systems SSTD-8070-0094-COMPNTS
Fracture Control Requirements For Spaceflight Hardware (Superseding NASA-STD-(I)-5019 (INTERIM) And NASA-STD-5007) NASA-STD-5019
Pneumatic And Hydraulic Mechanical Components, Electrical Design, Standard For KSC-STD-E-0004
Standard For JSC Lead-Free Control Plans (LFCP) JSC-66491
Instrumentation And Communications Cable Applications, Standard For KSC-STD-E-0006
Graphic Symbols For Drawings. Part 2: Ground Support Equipment, Standard For KSC-STD-152-2
Graphic Symbols For Drawings. Part 1: Facilities, Standard For KSC-STD-152-1
HVAC & Domestic Hot Water Design SSTD-8070-0084-EMCS
Weld Procedure for Carbon Steel Pipe SSTD-8070-0015-WELD
Engineering Drawing Practices. Volume 2: Facilities KSC-GP-435, VOLUME 2
Design Of Ground Life Support Systems And Equipment, Standard For KSC-STD-Z-0008
Annex To NASA-STD-8719.24, NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements: Requirements Table NASA-STD-8719.24-ANNEX
Relief Devices – Inspection and Recertification SSTD-8070-0097-TEST
Process Specification For Electrical Bonding MSFC-SPEC-3659
GTAW of Aluminum (P-NO. 23, Grade 6061 and 6063) SSTD-8070-0021-WELD
GTAW for P-8 Stainless Steel to P-1 Carbon Steel SSTD-8070-0020-WELD
Design, Installation and Maintenance of Sitewide Natural gas distribution System SSTD-8070-0092-FLUIDS
Cables, Electrical, Specification For (Supersedes MSFC-SPEC-332E) KSC-SPEC-E-0031
Component Servicing Documentation SSTD-8070-0006-CONFIG
Stainless Steel Vent Pipe “Z” SSTD-8070-0128-PIPE