Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coating for Zinc Nickel Alloy Deposit

This specification covers the requirements for electrodeposited zinc nickel alloy coatings on metals. The zinc nickel coating shall be defined as Class 1. The five chromate conversion coating types shall be defined as follows: Type A shall be with colorless conversion coatings, Type B shall be with yellow iridescent conversion coatings, Type C shall be with bronze conversion coatings, Type D shall be with black chromate conversion coatings, and Type E shall be with any colors mentioned plus organic topcoat. The metal to be plated shall be free of flaws and defects that will be detrimental to the zinc alloy coating. It shall be subjected to such cleaning, pickling, and electroplating procedures as necessary to yield deposits. The coating shall be produced from an aqueous electroplating system that may be either an alkaline or acid formulation. The coating on all ready visible surfaces shall have an acceptable and characteristic appearance. The coating shall be adherent, free from blisters, pits, or discontinuities, and shall be free of cracks in the as plated state. The coating shall withstand normal handling and storage conditions without chipping, flaking, or other coating damage. The corrosion resistance of the coating shall be evaluated.

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