Materials And Processes Selection, Control, And Implementation Plan For JSC Flight Hardware

This Materials and Processes Selection, Control, and Implementation Plan defines the implementation of the materials and processes (M&P) requirements for all new flight hardware developed by the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). Space Shuttle GFE, International Space Station GFE, Constellation Program GFE, and JSC-developed payload hardware are to be designed and manufactured in accordance with this plan. The plan describes the implementation of the M&P requirements in NASA-STD-6016, Standard Materials and Processes Requirements for Spacecraft; SSP 30233, Space Station Requirements for Materials and Processes; SE-R-0006, General Specification Space Shuttle System Requirements for Materials and Processes; and JPR 8080.5A, JSC Design and Procedural Standards.

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JSC 27301
Document Date 
Saturday, August 1, 2009
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