NASA Quality Assurance Program Policy

a. It is NASA policy to comply with prescribed requirements for performance of work and to provide for independent assurance of compliance through implementation of a quality assurance program. b. NASA quality assurance programs shall: (1) Be designed and implemented in a manner that mitigates risks associated with noncompliance (Requirement). Determination of risk considers the likelihood of noncompliance and the consequences associated with noncompliance, including the maturity, complexity, criticality, and value of work performed, as well as demonstrated experience with past quality system or program performance (Requirement). (2) Attain confidence levels for requirement compliance that are commensurate with the severity of consequences that would be incurred in the event of noncompliance (Requirement). (3) Be reevaluated and adjusted based on changes to risk factors (Requirement). (4) Include prework assurance measures that provide increased confidence for meeting prescribed requirements (e.g., preaward surveys, qualified source selection, training), concurrent assurance measures to ensure that work is being performed in accordance with requirements (e.g., process control, process witnessing), and postwork assurance measures to ensure that work was properly performed (e.g., inspections, tests, record review, configuration control) (Requirement). (5) Flow applicable quality assurance requirements down to successive levels of the supply chain to ensure control of subtier suppliers and verification of safety and mission-critical attributes at all levels of the supply chain (Requirement). (6) Continually be improved through: advocacy; awareness training; teaming and sharing of quality assurance tools, techniques and data; integration of quality assurance processes to prevent duplication of effort; and dissemination/implementation of lessons learned and best practices (Requirement). (7) Ensure that customers and Government authorities are quickly notified concerning noncompliant products or failure experiences potentially affecting product safety, reliability, or functionality (Requirement 42136). Customers and Government authorities include: contracting officers, Government contract management agents, authorities responsible for assigning, managing, or overseeing work, and, where noncompliant conditions might constitute evidence of possible fraud, malpractice, or other serious misconduct, the NASA Office of Inspector General. (8) Provide for investigative and corrective actions upon discovery or notification of noncompliance (Requirement). (a) Investigative actions shall identify the proximate and root cause(s) of noncompliance and the scope/population of noncompliant items (Requirement). (b) Corrective actions shall include the correction, replacement, repair, or authorized disposition of noncompliant items/conditions, implementation of preventive measures to eliminate the causes of noncompliance, and validation that implemented preventive measures have effectively eliminated recurrence of the noncompliant condition (recurrence control) (Requirement). (9) Ensure clear and mutual understanding of prescribed quality requirements among organizations responsible for contracting or assigning work, performing work, and assuring conformity of work (Requirement). (10) Be performed by persons that are competent on the basis of: (a) Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and experience related to quality assurance principles and practices, and related to the specific product, process, or attribute for which assurance is being provided (Requirement). (b) Meeting formal certification or qualification requirements where prescribed in required/invoked documents or where deemed necessary to ensure personnel competency to perform specialized quality assurance functions (Requirement). (11) Be performed by persons that are not assigned direct responsibility for ensuring that cost or schedule objectives are met (Requirement). (12) Be supported by records demonstrating compliance with technical/quality requirements. Records shall be legible, traceable to the applicable product, identifiable to the applicable requirement, and readily retrievable for requirement verification (Requirement). (13) Include the collection and analysis of quality data for the purpose of identifying and initiating resolution of problem areas (e.g., projects, products, processes, operations, organizations), common deficiency causes, nonconformance trends, defect anomalies, and process variations (Requirement). (14) Be performed in accordance with a documented quality system that follows the criteria specified in Attachment A (Requirement). c. Government quality assurance organizations are to ensure that contractors implement quality system requirements and deliver conforming product in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), the NASA FAR Supplement, and NPR 8735.2, Management of Government Safety and Mission Assurance Functions for NASA Contracts, Chapters 1 and 2.

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