MSFC Electrical Integration Documentation Standard

This standard specifies the requirements for the Electrical Integration drawings and associated lists which include Cable Interconnect Diagrams (CID), Electrical System Schematics (ESS), Cable Harness Assembly drawings, and Grounding Diagrams. Electrical Integration drawings and associated lists shall disclose (directly or by reference) the electrical interconnect and grounding requirements for the overall avionics, power, and electrical systems within the end item. The CID depicts the assembly level cable harness interconnect requirements. The ESS is a detailed schematic depiction of the CID at the wiring level. The Cable Harness Assembly drawings are assembly drawings used for the manufacturing and testing of the individual cable harness assemblies. The Grounding Diagram is a schematic depiction of the overall grounding scheme from the primary source to the end sensors and effectors.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011
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