MSFC Counterfeit Electrical, Electronic, And Electromechanical Parts Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, And Disposition Requirements For Space Flight And Critical Ground Support Hardware

The scope is to establish a counterfeit parts control document for use by MSFC programs and projects as a method of meeting Requirement 59092 of NPD 8730.2. This document applies to flight hardware, critical ground support equipment (GSE), and critical ground test systems used in Category 1 and Category 2 projects as defined by NPR 7120.5D, NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements, and/or Class A, B, or C payloads as defined in Appendix A of NPR 8705.4, Risk Classification for NASA Payloads. This document outlines procedures to be employed for risk assessment actions to mitigate the entry of counterfeit EEE parts into the MSFC supply chain. This document implements the requirements of MSFC-STD-3012 for suspect counterfeit parts based on the guidelines of SAE AS5553. The document standardizes practices to: a. Develop risk assessment plans for suspect or counterfeit EEE parts b. Verify parts authenticity c. Ensure adequate inspection and testing is performed based on total risk score assessment d. Control parts identified as suspect counterfeit e. Report suspect counterfeit findings to Government investigative authorities and potential users

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Friday, July 20, 2012
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