2018 Workshop Presentations and Posters


Keynote Address – Lunar Exploration Campaign
Joel Kearns
Deputy Director, Space Flight Systems
NASA Glenn Research Center

Developing and Distributing a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) CubeSat Reference Model
David Kaslow
INCOSE Space Systems

The Path To Open Source Cubesats
Raul Ramirez
Utah State University

A Brief Overview of Small Spacecraft Technology Activities at the NASA Glenn Research Center
Gary Hunter
NASA Glenn

STRATUS: Low-Cost, Scalable Cloud Data Collection in a CubeSat Form Factor
Matthew Sietsema, Marcello Guadagno, and Alexander Lock
Michigan Technological University

University Quality Development (UQD) Program
Mitch Nelson
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Puerto Rico CubeSat Project to Attract STEM Students Into the Area of Aerospace Engineering
Eduardo Ortiz
University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez

Retrodirective Transceiver System for Communication Needs of Formation Flying (Swarm) CubeSats
Ehsan Sheybani
University of South Florida

Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Mohammad Razani
New York City College of Technology, City University of New York

Project Aether: Small University Mission Quality Assurance
Christopher Murray and Pierce Smith
Capitol Technological University


  1. Rollocopter Development for Titan Exploration, Paul Akangah, North Carolina A&T University
  2. Adaptive, Energy Efficient Spatiotemporal Monitoring Using Wireless Sensors, Hadi Alasti, Purdue University Fort Wayne
  3. The Design and Fabrication of Portable Electrostatic Detector, Jafar Al-Sharab, Northwestern State University
  4. Modular Robotic Systems Toward Space Applications, Jose Baca, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
  5. Using STK for Engineering Technology Education, Andrew Bell, Ivy Tech
  6. Digital and Data-Driven Precision Agricultural Applications Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Ganesh Bora, Mississippi State University
  7. CubedOS: A Verified CubeSat Operating System, Carl Brandon, Vermont Technical College
  8. VLC - CubeSat, Rafiya Chowdhury, North Carolina A&T University
  9. A Generic Framework for the Miniaturization Of Satellites, Paris Chrysos, ISC Paris
  10. The ESG-Grid, A Self-Optimizing Platform in Support of Reliable and Scalable CubeSat Missions, Paul Darby, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  11. The Business Side of Space, Abraham Falsafi, BridgeValley CTC
  12. Using AI to Improve Spacecraft Flight Automation, Mark Horvath, Capitol Technology University
  13. Retrodirective Transceiver System for Communication Needs of Formation Flying (Swarm) CubeSats, Giti Javidi, University of South Florida
  14. Embedded Reliability in Design Thinking Concept for Aerospace, Kouroush Jenab, Morehead State University
  15. Assessment of Autonomic Function of Astronauts Before and After Space Flight Using Power Spectra And Coherence Methods, Ahmed Kamal, Tennessee Tech University
  16. Drone Technology: Challenges for Standards Development and Ethical and Social Implications, Ahmed Khan, DeVrey University
  17. Integrating Project Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma Processes to Improve Product Quality, Jamison Kovach, University of Houston
  18. Mars Rover Strip (Wheels) Loading Test Applied to Its Regolith Strength Estimation, Jiliang Li, Purdue University Northwest
  19. Vehicle Trajectory Planning for Dense 2D Traffic, Yanchao Liu, Wayne State University
  20. Study of CubeSat Communication and Solar Powered Stirling Engine as a Source of Power, Cyril Okhio, Ted Grosch, Florian Misoc, Matthew Stotter, Cameron McKinney and Justin Keener, Kennesaw State University
  21. CubeSat-Inspired Project for First-Year Undergraduate Students: Design and Fabrication of Arduino-Based Prototype with APRS Tracking and High-Altitude Testing via Weather Balloon, Masataka Okutsu, Penn State University - Abington
  22. Kalman Filtering in Space Crafts, Snehashis Paul, George Mason University
  23. Performance of MoS2 Coated Gears Similar to Those Used in JWST’s Dual Wheel Mechanism, Iqbal Shareef, Bradley University
  24. Closure Fairing Mold Surfaces, James Wronecki, East Tennessee State University
  25. Gamma-ray Radiation Detection Coating for Space Shuttles, Zhibin Yu, Florida State University
  26. Ultra-high Precision Predictive Assembly of Composite Fuselage Joins via Surrogate Model Based Control, Xiaowei Yue, 
    Virginia Tech