What is AAQ?

The AAQ (Academy of Aerospace Quality) is an online platform for quality assurance training for academics, students, and commercial space service providers involved in aerospace research, technology development, and payload design and development. The AAQ includes curricula and courses for all aspects of quality assurance necessary to ensure project success. The AAQ website provides a virtual community for networking and sharing of lessons-learned among like-minded scholars. Dr. Alice E. Smith and Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith are the principal investigators from Auburn University.

How does AAQ work?

The Academy of Aerospace Quality is built around a series of courses and curricula. Each course consists of a tutorial and a series of quizzes that you must complete. A curriculum is a collection of related courses. Both courses and curricula can be reached from the Academy page. Certificates of completion are available for those registered users who sign up for the corresponding course/curriculum and complete it.

Visitors can also learn from the experience of others involved in payload projects through case studies and our NASA lessons learned database. A searchable database of NASA quality standards is also available for public use.